December 18, 2015

Friday Favorites

TGIF!! Now that I survived this week I just have to power through 3 more days of school and then it's Christmas break! My school doesn't have exams until the end of January so I thankfully get to avoid the stress for now and fingers crossed I have an easy few days ahead of me. Tonight I'm going to my friend's annual cookie decorating party and yankee swap which I am so excited for! This weekend I'm going to try and wrap up all of my Christmas shopping, but I'm still a little stumped about what to get everyone. 

One: Decorations
I love the way our window boxes turned out this year! My mom always does a great job but I especially love the mixed greenery and holly! Also, driving around town at this time of year is seriously one of the most beautiful things ever... even if there's no snow. 

Two: Cookies
I talked about these cookies in my post on wednesday and I seriously can't stop eating them. The combination of chocolate chips and candy canes is absolutely to die for! 

Three: Christmas Cards
Getting Christmas cards is one of my favorite things about the holiday season! Every day when the mail comes I love to look at everyone's cards and see all the people I have not seen in a while!

There were a bunch of Holiday posts up this week, make sure to check out any you missed!


Preppy by the Sea 


  1. Love this post! Happy Fri(YAY)!


  2. my mother always decorates the house to the nines and it is currently filled with cookies!

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  4. I have to try the cookie recipe!