October 05, 2015

Bean Boots

This past week was super raw and rainy and I brought out my navy mocs. They are so easy to just slip on if you are running out and keep your feet dry. I also have a pair of 8 inch boots that I pretty much wear every day during the winter. I got my boots four years ago and they are still in great condition, in fact my mom still has hers from college, so like everything at L.L. Bean the quality is great! Over the past couple of years, bean boots have been backordered until May! As of right now, they are backordered until early December. If you order now they will arrive just in time for the winter months or for Christmas gifts. I honestly could not survive a winter in New England without my bean boots and highly recommend them to anyone that does not have them! 

Two years ago, I wrote a post about how I style my bean boots. It is by far and away our most viewed post, so I thought I would write a similar post now as everyone seemed to enjoy the previous one. In my post I styled a dressy look, an everyday look, and a lazy day look. Whenever I post a picture wearing my bean boots, or write an outfit post, people always ask questions about what style I have/recommend. The 8'" are definitely the most popular selling style and the kind that I personally own. If you live anywhere that gets a decent amount of snow, I recommend this style as the shorter ones will fill up with snow. Then there are the shearling lined styles. I have a pair of Sorel snow boots that I wear after skiing or during a blizzard, so insulation was not a priority for me. However, if you plan on using bean boots as your only snow boot I would consider opting for a lined pair, as the original ones are not very warm. Finally, there are the mocs. These are great year round and are nice for the rain or light snowfall. If you have any further questions, leave a comment below! Are you a fan of bean boots?


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