October 22, 2015

Little Gold Necklaces

This season, jewelry trends have have taken a more simplistic turn. As much as I love a good statement necklace, the name doesn't lie- they're a statement. There are still a few tasteful ones that I have from J. Crew that I will continue to wear, but some of them so bold. I am totally on board with the more delicate jewelry. Above are five of my favorites that I have collected in the past few years. Personally, I really like silver, however for some reason my collection is lacking it. Of course I will always advocate for the monogram necklace, they work with everything and add a personal touch. I have also found that Forever 21 has an endless supply of extremely inexpensive little necklaces. The marble bar and love knot necklaces are both from there and the quality is surprisingly good as I am pretty sure that they both cost about $5. I am yet to try out the layering trend, however I am always up for trying something new! Are you a fan of dainty gold jewelry?


Preppy by the Sea

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  1. I'm loving the minimal necklace trend. I usually go with the classic monogram plus a cross and a texas. I would love to get a bar necklace to add to it sometime soon!!

    Emma | Seeking the South