July 19, 2015

Summer Shoes I Swear By

I love shoes. I have way too many pairs and will continue to buy more and more. I feel like when I go shopping, I find it easier to justify buying shoes for whatever reason, which has lead to me establishing quite the collection. Despite this, in the summer I really only wear 3 or 4 pairs regularly. I look for shoes that are both comfortable and stylish. It was fairly easy to pick my favorites, whether casual or dressy, I wear each pair frequently. In the list I compiled, I love how the are all neutral colors and match virtually all of my clothes.
Note: The flower backgrounds are quite random, but I was dying to take pictures of them. Everything is in bloom!

+ Rainbow Flip Flops
These are my favorite shoes hands down. I spend 80% of my spring and summer in these flip flops. I've had multiple pairs, and Rainbows are the only flip flops I've had that are stylish, comfortable, and hold up well. Mine get a ton of use whether it's at the beach or out to dinner. Best. Shoes. Ever. 

+ Jack Rogers
If you read the blog at all frequently, you know the obsession Catherine and I have with Jack Rogers. These shoes aren't super comfortable, especially at first, but they definitely make up for it in style. My neutral pair is my favorite, I especially love the gold trim. However, I love nearly all the colors they make.

+ Sperrys 
I wear my Sperrys during all seasons, but mostly during the spring and summer months. The original style and color is my favorite. I wear mine to the beach, on the boat, and out to town for lunch as they weather so well. They're a good option when it's a cooler or rainy summer day and flip flops and sandals aren't a good idea.

+ Wedges / Espadrilles 
I certainly don't wear wedges every day, but I bought these recently from J.Crew and am obsessed. Espadrilles can be dressed up and down, especially in this cream color. They are my favorite accessory for summer dresses, I love the rope style heel.


Preppy by the Sea


  1. Love shoes as well. Others state that I have more than enough shoes. I have a few that I wear constantly during the summer. I love Vionic tide slip flops and I also love a few other styles by Vionic. They are cute and no one knows that there is some support in them. I just bought my first pair of Jack Rogers and have not had the opportunity to wear them. I wear a compression garment on one leg due to a health issue (but I make sure that there is an open toe so that I can wear cute shoes during the summer.

  2. I need to get a pair of rainbow flip flops - my friend swears by them too and can't stop talking about how comfortable they are. I look forward to the day I can splurge on a pair of neutral Jack Rogers or Palm Beach Sandals! My favorite everyday sandals for the summer are jelly flip flops (I have like 3 pairs!). I love them because they're easy to clean and are perfect for those rainy days.


  3. I love my new pair of Sperrys, they are great and super comfortable!!
    xo, Syd

  4. I love the white wedges! They are super cute!
    xoxo Kelsey