July 31, 2015

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday everyone, can you believe that we say goodbye to July today?! This week has been a complete whirlwind, but absolutely amazing! On Monday night, my family and I left Boston and began our two week adventure to Italy! I have been on red eyes before but never a nine and a half hour one across the Atlantic ocean, needless to say the six hour time change and jet lag were a little bit rough on Tuesday. We spent the first three days in Rome and are now enjoying the beaches of the Amalfi Coast (more on what we did next week). Anyways, here are a few things that I have been loving this week! 

One: Travel 
This is incredibly broad, however there is nothing better than traveling. Although long flights and drives are exhausting, I always find myself consumed by the action of the airport and the anticipation of what is ahead. 

Two: Gelato 
I'm not going to lie, there have been days were I have gone to get gelato multiple times because yes, it is that good. In the US, I rarely find myself eating gelato so getting to have the real deal is amazing. My favorite flavor is definitely lemon, I have gotten it at many different places and it is constantly delicious! 

Three: The streets of Rome 
The buildings lining the streets of Rome are absolutely adorable! From cafes to high end stores everything is so picturesque. Both the old (ancient) and new architecture blend together nicely and  I could have spent weeks exploring the different corners of the city. 


Preppy by the Sea 

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