July 21, 2015

Summer Assignments

Summer assignments, we all have them and most likely all dread completing them. Every year, I find myself cramming everything in during the last few weeks of Summer, which is definitely the last thing that you want to do. Although it can be difficult, time management is essential, especially during the carefree days of summer. This year I have been slightly more proactive than in the past because I have a lot more work and know that I need to be prepared for my more rigorous classes in the fall. I thought that I would share a few tips to check everything off your summer work list! 

+ Make a schedule
Odds are you have known everything that needs to be completed for the fist day of school since day one of the summer, so make a plan and set deadlines for yourself. One of the books that I have to read this summer is followed by an essay that has to be submitted well before school starts, so I started this first. I also think that it is nice to read the worst/most boring books first so that you can just get them out of the way. If you are relatively committed to the schedule, you should finish with time to spare and can enjoy the end of your summer in a stress free way. 

+ Bring it with you 
Whether you will be flying, babysitting, or waiting to get a haircut, having your work with you is so convent in times like these. With lots of waiting around, you would be surprised by how much you can accomplish. I also highly recommend doing work at the beach (or pool), it is so relaxing! 

+Limit yourself
I cannot complete a task without some sort of motivation. I tell myself that I can't watch Netflix until I read x-amount of pages, or if I finish up to a certain point I will go downstairs and eat ice cream. Little motivational factors are so simple but can work wonders! 


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