August 07, 2016

Week Recap

I'm back! This past week my best friends from camp flew in to visit me so I put blogging on the back burner to spend time with them (regular posts will be back on monday). After picking them up at the airport on Monday night, we went over to Newbury Street to do a little bit of shopping and avoid the rush hour traffic. On the drive back to the Cape we had so much fun blasting the music (Closer, the new chainsmokers song and H.O.L.Y are our go-to picks) and playing catch up as we haven't seen each other since our trip to Colorado in February!

Mary Clare and Emily hadn't been to the Cape since they were little, so on Tuesday morning I drove them around and showed them the beaches and took them to all of my favorite shops down town. That night we got dressed up and went to dinner at a local sushi place that has such a cool modern vibe, which was the perfect way to end our crazy day! After our day of exploring town, we pretty much spent the rest of their visit on the boat or at the beach. The weather was so beautiful and every day seemed to be the perfect summer beach day- maybe a little too nice since we all got pretty burnt :)

Everyday we went on a beach walk and one afternoon we stumbled upon this shack that someone had made far down the beach. The small wooden structure is completely covered in junk, from old hats and cans to funny signs and buoys. We brought my camera with us to the beach everyday, so naturally we decided to climb on top of it and take pictures in attempt to get some new insta pictures. This little adventure could have easily resulted in a run in with some rusty nails and broken glass, but thankfully we made it off safe and sound.

After going to dinner on our last night, we drove around town and then went to the beach. You really can't beat the peacefulness of the beach at night on the Cape; all of the tourists head home, the water is so calm, and you practically have the whole place to yourself. I am so happy that we were able to see each other for a week this summer before heading back to school for our senior year. Having some of your best friends live plane rides away can really suck, but there's something special about planning these trips and having everything pick up right where we left off a few months ago!


Preppy by the Sea

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