August 26, 2016

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! This summer has absolutely flown by and I am in complete shock that we have less than two weeks before returning to school. That being said, the weeks leading up to school are always insanely busy and this year is no exception. My schedule this week has been jam packed and next week is going to be 10 times crazier between preseason, senior pictures, meetings, and my last day of work. Having a busy schedule keeps me productive, however I am looking forward to enjoying as many more lazy Cape Cod beach days as possible! 

One: Zac Brown Concert
Last Saturday night Julianna and our friends Lea and Colleen went to the ZBB concert at Fenway and had a blast! We purchased our tickets kind of spontaneously at the last minute but ended up having really great seats. After going to his concert in 2013 we had high expectations for the show and it 100% lived up to them, if not surpassed them. He played so many of our favorites and put on such a great performance! 

Two: Driving
Like I said before there has been a lot going on at home that I need to be back for before the first day. At this point in the summer I have driven back and forth from the Cape to home more times than I would like to, but it has become such a breeze- plus the view over the Sagamore Bridge never gets old :)

Three: Boston
On Wednesday night my friend Clare and I drove into Boston to go to dinner and do a little bit of shopping. We love Sweetgreen and there isn't one in our town, so its always a treat to get it in the city! After dinner we walked two miles to get JP Licks (#dedication) which was amazing. Black raspberry is my favorite flavor and I highly recommend trying theirs if you are ever there! I asked for your advice on snapchat (preppybythesea) and ended up purchasing a fun top which I am so excited to style this fall on the blog! 


Preppy by the Sea

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