August 23, 2016

Freshman Year Advice

Exactly two weeks from today I will start my senior year of high school. People have always said that your four years fly by but I never really believed them until now. In my mind I still think of myself as that little nervous freshman getting dropped off on the first day of school, but things have changed and somehow I'm now applying to colleges and will be the oldest in the building. With that being said, I have learned quite a lot over the past three years both in and out of the class room and thought I would share a few things I wish I knew before starting my freshman year. I am the oldest in my family so I never really had someone to tell me what to expect, what classes to take, etc. so now I want to try and help some of you that are in the same position I was in three years ago.

Your GPA is Hard to Change// Academically freshman year is crucial. As a freshman you likely don't know a lot about how GPAs work and how they fluctuate so I'm here to fill you in. During your first year of high school you more or less establish your GPA for the next four years. Unless you do horribly and then all of the sudden change your ways, or do really well and then stop doing your work it is extremely hard to move your GPA up or down by even one tenth. Freshman year is an adjustment, but do your absolute best- your senior year self will thank you!

Public Speaking Gets Easier // My freshman year there was absolutely nothing I hated more than public speaking, my face would turn red, my hands would shake, and I would lose my train of thought so easily. I promise you, it gets better. Public speaking is a big part of high school, and quite frankly your entire life, so try to get used to it as soon as possible, maybe even take a class if it is offered at your school!

Go to Bed Early // I was horrible at maintaining a normal sleep schedule during my freshman year and it is one of my biggest regrets. As I mentioned before, adjusting to the work load of high school can be difficult at first but try to plan out how you want to manage your time early on in the year. I didn't really figure this out until last year, but I basically retain no information after 11:00. Don't waste sleep time aimlessly staring at a sheet of paper "studying', and try to go to bed around the same time every night as it makes getting up so much easier. Also, don't go to bed at 3 am on the weekends, it throws off your entire sleep schedule for the rest of the week. Unless you're actually out doing something, get to bed by midnight on Friday and Saturday night.

Try New Things // At freshman orientation all the sports and clubs usually have tables with information brochures and a sign up list. I highly recommend checking out a variety of clubs and going to the first meeting to see what it is all about. When you're new to a school, it will be tempting to do everything with your friends, however I recommend going out and doing something by yourself if you are interested in it. One of my friends joined debate by herself freshman year and made lots of new friends and ended up loving it. If she didn't do it just because none of her friends did she would have missed out on something that played a huge role in her four years of high school. My freshman year I did crew during the fall and ended up not doing it again sophomore year, but that led me to start cross country which I have stuck with and really enjoy. So, even if you realize something isn't for you, it can lead you to new opportunities.

Invest in Basics // This final one has nothing to do with academics, but rather your wardrobe. Freshman year I purchased so many bold and expensive pieces that I barely wore and ended up seriously regretting. You don't need to go binge ordering Lilly Pulitzer clothes or super trendy items that won't be in style in a year- a little goes a long way. I highly recommend purchasing a nice pair of jeans and a few basic sweaters that you know you can style in so many different ways and wear for years to come.

Good luck to the class of 2020!


Preppy by the Sea

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  1. In your experience, was sophomore year easier than freshman year? I am taking harder classes, but have heard from many people that despite the harder classes, sophomore year is easier (grade wise) because you don't have to adjust to high school as much as you did in 9th grade. I did pretty well last year, so I'm hoping I can do just as well (gpa wise)