August 24, 2016

Summer Favorites

eos Shaving Cream // During the summer I shave my legs so much more frequently and they always seem to get super dry. The eos shaving cream has shea butter in it so it keeps them moisturized. It comes in a few different scents, but the pomegranate raspberry and the vanilla bliss are my two favorites, plus how adorable is the bottle!?

Not Your Mother's Sea Salt Spray // One of my favorite things about the summer is the way my hair feels after being in the ocean all day. Back in June my friend had this sea salt spay and I gave it a try and loved it. My hair is stick straight, so I don't get super noticeable beachy waves from this product, however it definitely gives my hair some texture and it smells amazing!

CVS Spray Sunscreen // This is probably one of the more random favorites of the summer, but this sunscreen is amazing. I went to CVS a few weeks ago to pick up new sunscreen and was in a rush so I grabbed this off of the end isle display. The bottle sprays so nicely and can cover so much more area than your typical spray sunscreen. The SPF 30 works for a long time, prevents burns, and still allows you to get tan. 10/10 would recommend.

Laura Mercier Oil Free Tinted Moisturizer // I have very sensitive skin and have always been hesitant to use any kind of liquid make up for fear of breaking out. When I found this oil free tinted moisturizer with SPF I was so excited and was willing to pay a little bit more than I would for something at the drug store. Needless to say this stuff is amazing and has been my go to product all summer. The formula is super light (would not recommend if you are looking for high coverage) and you don't feel like you're wearing any makeup, which is what I am always going for. I have had no problems with my skin reacting to it, and it keeps you protected from the sun during the summer without having to wear sunscreen.

Trader Joe's Coconut Body Butter // This summer I have spent a lot of time at the beach all day in the sun which always proves to dry my skin out. My typical lotion was not moisturizing enough, so I decided to try out a body butter instead. The coconut scent screams summer and has made my skin so soft. Also, the body butter is not super greasy and dies fast!

Essie Fiji // I kid you not when I say this is the only color that has been on my nails all summer. The light pink tone highlights your tan and matches with virtually everything.

Tarte Bronzer // Brozer has never really been a huge part of my makeup routine (honestly I only wear mascara and chapstick most days), but I decided to start using it a little bit this summer. Truth be told I purchased this Tarte bronzer two or three years ago and had barely touched it until now. I have gone to a few events recently where I needed to actually do my makeup, so this has really come in handy! It is not super pigmented which is awesome if you are looking for a natural look and the shade is perfect for all year round.


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  1. SPF is a must in the summer! Love all of your favorites!

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