November 19, 2014

Match Made in Heaven

With no sight of any temperatures above 50 degrees, I think it is time for me to finally embrace the cold (and maybe start wearing a jacket). Although I am completely dreading winter, it is officially bean boot weather! I purchased a pair of bean boots three years ago and they have been my go-to winter shoe ever since then! L.L. Bean guarantees great quality, which I can vouch for that because my mom still has her bean boots from college and they are still going strong :) If you are interested in purchasing a pair I recommend doing it sooner rather than later because I know that last year around the holidays they were completely sold out! Anyways, one of my favorite things about bean boots are the adorable socks that you get to wear with them. Fun socks are definitely one of my weaknesses. Whenever I am in a store I always justify picking up a few pairs because I swear the drier mysteriously eats them every time! Below are a few of my favorites that would add a cute pop to any outfit, plus they make a great stocking stuffer!

One of my favorite pictures of my bean boots last from a post last year when I was in California. These red fair isle socks are from Gap and I love the pop of color they add with to the look.


Preppy by the Sea

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