November 08, 2014

Packing Tips and Tricks

Like most girls, I am an overpacker. I have this urge that I need to bring everything with me, I like to have options and you never know, that spring break trip could potentially be freezing and you need to be prepared! Over the years I have gotten better about my habits and have mastered the art of packing for flying, if we are driving somewhere that is a whole different ball game, In that case I will bring everything! As you are reading this, I am most likely on a plane from Boston to Washington, D.C. with Julianna and our friend Clare for a little birthday get away filled with lots of food and shopping! Here are a few of my tips and tricks!

One: Check the Weather
A few weeks before I go on a trip, I always add the location onto my Weather Channel app on my phone. I have found that looking at the forecast regularly helps you get a sense of what to expect before you go and obviously check the ten day forecast to get a more precise idea of what the temperature will be like. Once you are aware of the weather and only then may you begin packing, this will help you avoid packing for a ski trip and a Caribbean escape all in one bag!

Two: Don't Check your Bag
You are probably thinking, wow Catherine are you out of your mind!? How on earth do you expect me to fit everything I need in a tiny suitcase to go in the overhead compartments? No I am not, not only will this force you to back lightly (I managed with a carry on for a 10 day trip, so it is doable) but it will also speed up your entire process at the airport! You don't have to wait in the long line to check your bag or stand at baggage claim once you arrive to your destination and you don't run the risk of them losing your luggage! With this method you can land, grab your things and head to the beach (or wherever you are headed) and enjoy your vacation! 

Three: Learn to Love Layering
When flying, especially in the colder months it is important to layer and wear your bulky items. Wear your clunky shoes whether it is riding boots of bean boots and also wear a swearer, vest or jacket to save space in your suitcase! 

Four: Your Carry-on is Important
I usually bring a large tote bag as my carry-on and throw in any thing that didn't quite fit in my suitcase. In addition to my purse, laptop, camera, phone and magazines, I usually put my makeup bag in here and an extra pair of shoes. Keep everything in this bag somewhat organized because you will want to find things in it during the flight seeing as it is right at your feet. Keep your phone and head phones in a pocket on the inside of the bag if it has one for quick and easy access. 

Five: Roll Your Clothes
This is a trick I learned from camp and it works wonders. I roll up all my shirts and pants that way you can maximize the space in your luggage. Sometimes, I will pick entire outfits and roll them together. By grouping specific outfits together, you know what you had planned once you get there and there is not the random pile of clothes that don't really look good together (helps avoid throwing in five random pants and shirts). 

Don't forget the old sitting on your suitcase trick! If you follow all these tips and then sit on your suitcase at the end and have someone else zip it, I guarantee that you will be ready to go and packed efficiently! Let me know if you have any other tips, I would love to hear them!


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