April 10, 2014

Thoughts For Thursday: Confidence

Let's face it…
We've all had an awkward stage.  Middle school is a rough three years, and we've all felt its effects some way or another.  Maybe it was your chubby stage, or your acne decided to make its debut, or you had braces that made everything even more uncomfortable.  For me, (and I'm guessing I'm not the only one) it was all of the above.  Lucky enough, the summer before freshman year came and seemed to wipe away a lot of those middle school nightmares.  Physically, we all look better without the imperfections, but does that necessarily mean we feel better?

Through it all, I've realized that confidence and self-esteem is the feeling all of us need need in order to stay true to who we are.  Middle school was probably the hardest time in my life to feel confident, but a I still managed to stand up straight, raise my hand, and express my personal voice in front of others.  Some of us struggle with self-confidence all throughout middle school, high school, and possibly even into adulthood because beating insecurities is not something that is easy to do.  

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Confidence: A belief in oneself and one's abilities 
This right here is one of the most important traits to have.

Steps to being confident:

1. Dress Well: Yes, we all have our off days where we just want to go out in sweatpants and a t-shirt, but put some effort into your appearance.  I'm all for inner beauty and not caring about what's on the outside; but for me, wearing a cute outfit that gets a lot of compliments makes me feel really good. 

2. Posture: I couldn't count the number of times my mom has told me "stop slouching" or "stand up straight" and I just ignored it.  Whether I like it or not, she's completely, 100%, right.  Standing up straight not only gives you height, but it makes you feel good about yourself!  This right here is the easiest confidence booster ever!

3. Speak Up: Make a statement! Answer a question! Express your opinion in front of your peers!  Feeling heard, like your voice matters is SO important.  Be yourself and share your thoughts, you'll gain respect from classmates, teachers, and anyone else who hears you because it takes guts to get up and talk, and everyone knows it

4. Kindness: Showing just a little kindness goes a long way.  Give and compliment or just say hi to someone who looks like maybe they aren't having the best day.  We all have bad days, and a kind gesture goes a long way when we're in need of cheering up.  Be friendly;  showing kindness to others makes you feel just as good

So the next time your self-esteem feels like it's running on empty, just remember to admire the person you've become and be proud of all your accomplishments.  Comment your confidence boosting methods, stories, thoughts about this post, or whatever else you feel like talking about!


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