April 12, 2014

Let's Get Crafty!

I have been trying to come up with some cute DIY projects to put on the blog and the time has finally arrived! Continue reading this post to learn how to make Lilly Pulitzer inspired picture frames and monogrammed mason jars to hold your make up brushes, all under ten dollars!

Part One: Lilly Pulitzer Picture Frame

I have been lusting over the Lilly Pulitzer sorority picture frames, unfortunately I am still in high school and am not in a sorority. I knew that I could easily create a similar fame using what ever pattern I wanted, so this weekend I put my crafting skills to the test! Get Nauti is one of my favorite Lilly patterns and it matches my room, so naturally it was the pattern that I chose for my project. These picture frames are a quick and adorable project that would make the perfect gift. 

What You Need
1. Picture Frame 
2. Modge Podge
4. Scissors 
5. Paint Brush
3. Print out the pattern you want to use 

Step One: take the pain brush and paint modge lodge on the area you will be pasting the printed out pattern. Repeat this step until you have completely covered all four sides of the picture frame.

Step Two: Once all four sides have been pasted down, smooth out all of the sides. Next, Take the paint brush and lightly dap mode podge on top of the paper to create a glossy finish. 

Part Two: Monogrammed Mason Jars for Make Up Brushes 

I have used mason jars to hold my make up brushes for such a long time, but I decided that I needed to make them a little more creative and add a "personal" twist. To make a monogram that you can print out, I suggest using the Marley Lilly app, you can customize the patterns, fonts and colors! I picked up the adorable anchor ribbon at Michaels. 

What You Need
1. Mason Jar
2. Image of your monogram
3. Modge Podge
4. Paint Brush
5. Ribbon

Step One: Paste the monogram onto the mason jar
(I suggest putting some newspaper down so that you don't get glue all over your table) 

 Step Two: Gently dap more modge podge so that the color does not smudge
Step Three: Add a ribbon to complete the project!

Let us know if you make either of these projects, we would love to see your final product!


Preppy by the Sea


  1. These are so cute! They look really easy too. Def trying them this week. :)

  2. SUCH adorable DIYs and such cute ideas! Adorable is an understatement :)