August 26, 2014


Whether it's at school, amongst my family and friends, or around the world, I like to be kept up to date and knowledgable about what's going on around me. But, having time to watch the news to the point where I have a good understanding of the topic at hand is difficult, especially during the school year. So, when a friend of mine introduced me to theSkimm, I quickly realized this daily newsletter was the perfect way to get an overview of important news around the world. A quick and entertaining read, the Skimm gives you enough information, but doesn't boggle your mind with the minor details that may not be what your looking for in your reading. So, how can I skimm? Just enter your email address on their website here and you'll start receiving your daily newsletters immediately. I've found it to the perfect solution to my news-watching dilemma. 

I look forward to getting my skimm email everyday, and I hope you guys will sign up as well!


Preppy by the Sea


  1. I LOVE the Skimm!! I'm so glad you made a post about this because more people need to know about it!


  2. oh my gosh! This is what I have always needed in my life!