August 28, 2014

Beach Walks

My entire life I have grown up spending summers at the beach, it has been and will always be one of my favorite places and has provided me with some of the most terrific memories! Ever since I was little I have loved long beach walks, summer or winter they are always relaxing. A few days ago we went out on our neighbors boat to go to this beach on one of the islands, it was amazing! We were basically the only ones there. If you are anything like me and love searching the shore for seashells and sea glass, you know that the less people there are the better your chances of finding something are! I had to take advantage of the empty beach. My Mom, Dad, sister and I all went on a beach walk and I found not one, but two sand dollars! I am absolutely obsessed with sand dollars and they are my all time favorite shell, but they can be so hard to find! When I found this one I obviously had to take a picture of it for Instagram! 

A late Summer evening, the waves crashing onto the shore and sand between your toes- honestly does it get any better? I am definitely not looking forward to saying good bye to summer beach walks, salty hair and warm sand. However, at the same time I adore getting all bundled up in the cooler months and walking along the vacant shores. During the off-seaon, the beaches are so calm and relaxing because all the tourists have packed up and headed home until next Summer- it's almost like you have the entire place to yourself!  This is one of my favorite things about visiting the beach on fall weekends, plus its is a place where I can escape from reality and the chaos of my busy schedule. Where is your happy place? 



Preppy by the Sea 


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  2. Hard to say goodbye to summer but the heat here in GA has me so looking forward to fall weather. Love the sand dollar pic! xo