August 20, 2014

Nike+ Running App

Not only does back to school mean back to classes, but for anyone playing sports it means preseason practices and then getting into the season full swing! Many sports have a summer calendar with the suggested workouts so that you will be ready to go by the first practice. This year I will be doing cross country, so naturally running was my main focus this summer. A few months ago I discovered the Nike+ Running App and instantly fell in love with the set up and all the amazing features. One of the things that really annoyed me about running before I got this app was not knowing the exact distance of my run or constantly being able to check how fast I was going. Thankfully that problem has now been solved! Not only does it tell you how far you ran, but also the exact route on a map! I mean let's be real, it's important to know when you actually start dying- is it at 0.8 mi or 2.5 mi? In addition to the distance and time Nike has enabled you to attach your playlist into the app so you don't have to constantly switch back and forth while running! 

Here is my all time favorite feature, the challenge section! If you and your friends all have the app you can create a challenge- maybe even throw in a prize for the winner to increase the motivation and friendly competition:) Yes, the name of our challenge is "Highway to Hell" because honestly yes running is torture. It is also imperative that you make your profile picture entertaining. Our challenge is to run 40 miles and it has run from July 20th to September 1st- the day before school starts! Currently taking pride in the fact that I am winning, but if I want to make it to the 40 miles I need to step it up...

For my XC team the coach requires us to submit a log of all our runs and workouts we did throughout the summer. The activity log section will be incredible helpful to go back to in order to figure it out. If you click on each run it will provide your route, the total distance, average pace, total time and time per mile! Although I'm not looking forward to preseason next week and I definitely know Julianna is not thrilled about soccer tryouts that start tomorrow, completing all of our runs have definitely been beneficial to getting prepared for the upcoming season! 

Are you a fan of the Nike+ Running app?


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  1. Nike running is the best, its so helpful how your pace is color coded so you can tell where you took breaks and were able to speed up

  2. Y'all have been nominated for the Liebster Award tag! Check out my post at to see what it's about.

  3. This is great! I've been looking for a good running app :)

  4. I really need to download this app - I've been looking for something to map my routes for when I start running :)

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