June 26, 2017

Graduation Party Photos

This past Friday night I had my graduation party. Although the planning process was slightly stressful, I was really happy with how all of the decorations and food came out. My high school's colors are red and white so we tried to incorporate that into majority of the decorations. Unfortunately, I was not able to snap any pictures of the dinner food, but we had fried chicken and a variety of different salads. I highly recommend having food that does not need to be served hot or cold at a graduation party so your guests can eat when they would like to. As for dessert, we had cookies and cupcakes. To incorporate the cupcakes into the graduation theme, I made little Elon flags to stick in them for decoration. Now that we are nearing July (crazy, right?!) my graduation party schedule is starting to die down a little bit, but it has been such a fun month getting to celebrate with friends! 


Preppy by the Sea

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