November 08, 2016

Cold Weather Skin Products

Tis the season of cold weather and dry skin. Every year around this time my lips start to get super chapped and my skin goes into a never ending cycle of dryness. Because this tends to happen every year, I have found a few products that seem to work well for me. Just a little background, I have very sensitive skin and tend to breakout easily. So, if you are in a similar boat these products will likely work will for you! 

Lips// Every night I use vaseline lip therapy before I go to bed and find that it is much more hydrating than any chapstick. It works like magic overnight on super dry/cracked lips in the winter. Last winter I purchased a sugar chapstick for the first time after hearing a friend rave about it and will never go back. The $24 price tag is kind of ridiculous, however it lasts for a while and is great to have on the go. 

Face// I am extremely apprehensive to try new face products for fear that they will make me breakout horribly, so I just stick to what I know. I have been using cetaphil moisturizing cream for at least the past four years and have no reason to make a change. This was recommended to me by my dermatologist and keeps my skin moisturized without making it super oily. I apply the cream in the morning at at night after washing my face and it keeps my skin from getting dry in the cold. 

Legs// I always use the eos shaving cream because it moisturizes your legs while shaving and then I apply the St. Ives oatmeal and shea butter lotion after I get out of the shower. This combination will keep your legs smooth all throughout the winter- plus the lotion isn't greasy and dries fast! 

What are your go to products?


Preppy by the Sea


  1. so tempted to buy the sugar chapstick too, but now I just use EOS balms--might have to splurge though!
    xo, Hannah

  2. I used the Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion to help my skin look younger and longer. It moisturize my skin that is so good to feel. I order it online only at .