April 07, 2016

Spring Cleaning

Last weekend was my first weekend home after being away skiing all winter. Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't trade my weekends on the slopes for anything; but there is something so refreshing about being home and starting the new season fresh with some spring cleaning. I am an extremely organized person, yet somehow I have a TON of clutter that just piles up over the months. Dedicating one weekend to go on a mass cleaning spree may sound like a nightmare, but by the end of the day you will be in such a better place. I am no expert on cleaning, but I thought I would talk about the five things that help me get organized for the new season! 

Sell or Donate// The first step in my cleaning process is always going through my clothes. I am not going to lie, I have a lot of clothes, but I honestly probably only wear a third of them on a regular basis. This year my dad insisted that I go through my closet and donate or sell anything I didn't wear all winter or last summer. I ended up getting rid of a bunch of old clothes and my closet is now so much cleaner- plus I have some room to add a few new things this summer! Also, if you have some pieces that are on the nicer end and have barely been worn, I recommend selling them on eBay or Poshmark so you can make some extra money on your purge! 

Wardrobe Switch// I have a very small closet, so I only keep my clothes for the current season in my room. At the end of each season, I put everything in plastic containers and store them in my basement for the off-season. As part of spring cleaning, I like to put away my winer clothes and transition in my spring and summer pieces. PSA check your local weather, I put away all my big sweaters last weekend and then we had a big snow storm on monday #justMAthings 

Purge// Now that you have gotten rid of all the clothes you no longer need, start to go though all your "stuff". I honestly have no idea where it all comes from, but I have so much random crap in my room that I have absolutely no need for. Simple cure, a big trash bag. 

School// I am now almost done with my junior year (crazy!!), so I have a ton of school materials in my desk. As of right now, I know that I don't have a history or English final this year, so I am planning on tossing any worksheets that I know I won't need again. Also, getting rid of old binders and notebooks will free up space in your desk. If you are up for the task, cleaning up your computer is never a bad idea. The storage on my macbook air is horrible, so any chance to delete documents or pictures is helpful! 

Bathroom// My bathroom is really the only spot I actually clean, meaning I get out cleaners and sponges. The counter on my sink is so cluttered and sometimes just needs a good scrub. I also like to go into all my drawers and reorganize all my make up, nail polish, perfumes, etc. Get rid of any shampoos or makeup that you haven't used in a long time, and only keep the products you frequently use- the random eye shadow from eighth grade can definitely go :) 

Have you done any spring cleaning yet this year?


Preppy by the Sea

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  1. Wardrobe switching is such a brilliant idea! I also don't have a great deal of space in my wardrobe and I have plenty of shorts which, whilst I love, I don't ever wear during the winter months. Putting them into a box and under my bed will make room for all my festive pullovers.

    Colin @ Remarkable Clean