April 06, 2016

Ab Workout

I leave for Florida in exactly one week, so naturally working out has been on my mind. I was pretty good this winter about working and going to spinning at least three times a week, however I slacked on abs. During summer training and cross country season, we do 8 minute abs every day after running and I want to get back into that habit. After doing plank, sit-ups, Russian twists, etc. daily, I definitely feel more toned. Though I don't think I will ever have a six-pack, this ab routine is definitely a winner and will have you feeling great for the summer! 

Ab workouts are so great because you don't need to make the trip to the gym and cut out time on a busy school night. Typically, I do abs after a run and before stretching. However, if I don't end up going for a run but want to squeeze in a 10 minute workout, I do them before I shower. Personally, I think that side plank and Russian twists are the best, as I definitely feel the burn in the earlier reps. If you are looking for an extra challenge, add some wights to tone your arms at the same time! 


Preppy by the Sea

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  1. These are ab workouts for women that will actually help to get the flat abs. these exercises are very helpful for your toned abs. Ask your trainer to help you in the initial period so that you can have balance in your body and continue to repeat the exercises to get fast result.