July 12, 2017

On My Radar

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Reading: Rich People Problems by Kevin Kwan
I saw this book on a bunch of blogs and it got good reviews so I decided to order it as my next beach read. To be quite honest, I am halfway through the book and I'm just not loving it. The plot itself is lackluster and coupled with the insane amount of shallow characters I am finding it very difficult to enjoy

Watching: Sex And The City
Honestly, I am not sure how I made it this long without watching this iconic series. After finishing so many Netflix series, I decided to switch over to the Amazon Prime TV shows and start Sex And The City. This is the perfect light and funny show for the summer, both to watch for the first time or to rewatch!

Listening to: When It Rains It Pours by Luke Combs & Rollin by Calvin Harris
During the summer I tend to listen to more country music and or fun upbeat songs like Calvin Harris' Rollin. Although you can always count on me to fall back on John Mayer or Taylor Swift I like to mix it up and make fun be achy playlists for this time of year!

Wearing: Birkenstocks & Lululemon Tracker Shorts
Most days during the summer I am at work and by the time I get home I just want to shower and get in comfortable clothes. You can always find me in a big t-shirt and my favorite lulu shorts, but this week I have added something new to my closet.... a pair of Birkenstocks. Frankly, I cannot believe I actually purchased these shoes as I still think they are amongst the ugliest footwear to surface the shoe market. Although they are far from attractive, Birkenstocks are so comfortable and they offer great support after a long day or work- plus I think they will be a good shoe to have for walking around campus in the fall!

Following: Kelly & The City Instagram Stories
If you know me then you know I am not high kid person. However, I am absolutely obsessed with Kelly's baby, Emma and her adorable little family. I love watching her Instagram stories everyday and seeing her fun videos and photos of their day to day life in Chicago with Emma. If you are not following along, you are missing some seriously cute stuff :)

Planning: a trip to Maine with friends
Every summer my best friends from when I went to camp and I plan a trip to see each other. Because the three of us are from all different parts of the country it is always difficult to plan something that works for everyone, so I am beyond excited to spend a few days in Maine with the two of them before we all head off to our respective colleges for freshman year at the end of the summer!


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