October 27, 2016

October Playlist

I have been listening to a ton of music this month and am pretty edited about this playlist! I checked in with you guys on twitter this week to get your opinions on my monthly playlist posts and it appears that you really like them, so they are here to stay! Hearing what you guys like to see on the blog makes producing new content so much better as I want to post what you want to read. If there is anything you ever really want me to post about, feel free to shoot me an email (preppybythesea@gmail.com) or leave a comment on the blog! 

As for the music goes, I have been loving Bruno Mars' new song along with Caroline for more fun and upbeat singalong type songs. In the past I have never really been one to listen to music while doing homework. However, I have found that listening to music makes writing supplements and working on projects a little bit more bearable. I have had The Head And The Heart on loop this month especially since going to the concert. Their music is perfect to listen to while working, along with my tried and true, John Mayer :) 

Preppy by the Sea

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