October 17, 2016

Homecoming Recap

Saturday was homecoming at my school and it was such a blast! It's honestly hard to believe that this was my last homecoming, however it was by far and away the best one. I got to school at 9 am and was there all day watching the games (we won every game!), working at tables for clubs and sports, and volunteering in the concession with a bunch of other seniors. Girl's soccer is huge at my school as they have been state champs the past two years and are currently undefeated. The soccer game was so intense and they won in the last two minutes of the game which was so exciting! The day was kind of bittersweet as it was our first "last" of senior year, but I don't think it could have gone any better. 

After spending the day at the field supporting our teams, we got ready for the dance. The senior class always plans the homecoming dance, so it made it a little bit more special knowing that we picked the theme, planned the decorations, and got everything all set up. This year we decided to go with a red, white, and black theme as those are our school colors and we wanted to have there be a strong sense of school pride throughout the day. All of the girls wore dresses in school colors, although almost all of my friends ended up wearing black. Our homecoming dance is super casual, no one goes with dates and it's just at the school, unlike prom. I had the most fun ever at school dance as all the seniors got really into it and danced the night away! Here's to making the most of all the "lasts" this year!


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  1. Sounds like it was such a fun weekend - the black dresses look great! Really loving the fun back details on the two in the hallway. So adorable!