October 28, 2016

Friday Favorites

Is it just me or did October absolutely fly by? I only have one more college application to submit, so I am happy to finally have a ton of my stress about that relieved... now may the college acceptance odds be ever in my favor :) This weekend I have my work cut out for me with a huge research paper and a few other projects for the end of the first term. Hopefully I can catch up on sleep and just have a relaxing weekend. 

One: Cross Country Senior Day
Tuesday was my last home cross country meet ever. Before the meet we had a ceremony for the seniors where our parents came and we gave them a rose and took pictures. It was absolutely freezing, but besides that my race went really well. I set a PR and achieved my goal of running a 5K under a 7'45" pace, so I was happy to end my regular season on a high note. I am running in a meet tomorrow and then again next Saturday and then the season will officially be over which is crazy! 

I am super excited to have shoppable images on my post, Green + Black from earlier this week! We teamed up with Linklay to make the post a bit more user friendly and interactive, let me know what you think about this in the comments below.

Three: Halloween
With everything going on right now, I almost forgot that Halloween is on Monday! I am planning on making my costume this weekend and carving pumpkins with my family on Sunday night during the Patriots game. 


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  1. Hope you had an awesome Halloween :)

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