April 20, 2016

Summer Heels

coral | navy | scalloped | nude | cork | wrap up | bow back  | pink | jacks
One of the main reasons I love summer so much is because of the fashion. Winters in New England are very restrictive style-wise and I end up wearing my bean boots and ugg moccasins on repeat. However, now that spring has officially arrived, my love for wearing heels and wedges has once again been confirmed. I am 5'6" and genuinely love my height, I never feel like I need heels, but if I do wear them I don't look ridiculously tall- except next to my mom who is very short :) 

Generally, wedges are my go to shoe for height because let's be real comfort is a major factor. However, I have been loving heeled sandals as well. The shoes I ordered for my winter dance were extremely uncomfortable, so I went to CVS and picked up some Dr. Scholls gel inserts and they made a huge difference! After that easy fashion fix, I have been way more open to heels and am lusting over the blue scalloped pair and pink suede pair above! I am sill on the hunt for a pair for prom, let me know if there are any heeled sandals you sear by! 


Preppy by the Sea


  1. All of these are the bomb.com and I'll take one of each, please! The nude wedges and the blue and the fuchsia heels are my fav!

    Rachel | www.seashellsandsparkles.com

  2. I love the bow one but the link is taking me to the same page as the tie up ones! What brand are the bow ones?