April 25, 2016


One of the things I am most proud of from the past year is how much I have changed my spending habits. In years past I spent way too much money on things that I really didn't need. When I got my permit my parents told me they would buy me a car when I got my license. There was just one little catch, I had to pay for a third of it. So I had six months to change my ways and start saving. I'm not going to lie I was not psyched about this deal, however in hindsight I am happy that my parents made me do this because it did teach me the important lesson of saving. Here we are a year and a half later, I have had my car for a eight months, paid my share, and am somehow not completely broke. By no means am I an expert about this, in fact I am far from it, but I thought I would share a few tips and things I have learned along the way. 

+ Keep limited cash in your wallet 
I used to keep hundreds of dollars in my wallet because I rarely went to the bank to make deposits. News flash this is a horrible idea. I now never keep more than $40-$60 in my wallet at a time, this is just enough for coffee runs, and if I need to fill up my tank. Having less cash in your wallet helps avoid impulse purchases, losing money, and reminds you to go to the bank and deposit money in your savings account. 

+ Deposit majority of your earnings 
I do not have a job during the school year (still need to get a summer job ahh) and majority of the money I make comes from babysitting. When I get home from babysitting I always go to the bank the next day and make a deposit. Honestly, I barely keep any of the money I make in my wallet and on average probably save $80%. Compensation for the blog is always in checks which I really like because you have to cash it at the bank anyways so depositing it is a no brainer. 

+ Be Mindful of Spending Habits 
By no means have I shut off all of my spending, I think I have just been a lot smarter with what I purchase. I spend most of my money on clothes/shoes and at this point I am pretty content with my wardrobe. Each season I buy a few new things that I have been lusting over and maybe one big investment piece. 


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