October 16, 2014


#TGIT, Thank God it's Thursday!
I know what you're thinking, I'm a day early. Who gets excited for the day before Friday? Well, I do- and for good reason. If you aren't watching 3 continuous hours of TV on ABC every Thursday night (all produced by Shonda Rhimes), then now is the time to start. Every Thursday, I rush to finish my homework to be done by 8pm to watch my two favorite shows, and my favorite new show. Grey's Anatomy, Scandal, and How to Get Away With Murder have my devoted attention; I love a good TV drama. So, if don't already have this television trio scheduled into your week, I hope this post will convince you to do so.

Grey's Anatomy
Grey's Anatomy has just started its 11th season, so obviously it has withstood the test of time. It follows the life of Meredith Grey and her colleagues at the hospital where she works as she grows from being an intern to a surgeon throughout the seasons. In each episode, different patients are treated at the hospital with cases that will make you both laugh and cry, each providing a message that relates to a personal struggle one of the main characters is facing. You will fall in love with the amazing friendships and romances that evolve between the characters, yet don't be surprised if something that has been building for seasons comes crashing to a halt in a matter of minutes. Grey's is known for plot twists that add both an element of surprise and heartbreak to the show (I've lost count of the number of episodes that have reduced me to tears). So, if you aren't a previous viewer, you have 10 complete seasons to catch up on. But no worries, it's all on Netflix; a few months of binge-watching and you'll be right up to speed. Yes, it's THAT addicting.  

Two words. Olivia. Pope. One of the most powerful women in Washington D.C., Olivia works closely alongside the White House, while maintaining her own "crisis management" firm. Whenever someone is in trouble, or needs a scandal to disappear, Olivia Pope is the one to call. Her clothes are amazing, she always wears white, and with her deep connections in Washington (including those with the president…), she never fails to solve any problems she promised to fix. Season 4 has just begun, and it's my honest opinion that Scandal is better than ever. It's a show that will keep you guessing at every moment. Right when you think "I have this case figured out", some evidence found when Olivia's team does a little digging will completely derail your prediction. Once again, if you haven't watched and want to start, don't be worried. Just add it to the list of shows you need to watch on Netlifx; 3 seasons will fly by.

How To Get Away With Murder
The newest show by Shonda Rhimes, HTGAWM had me hooked five minutes in. Again, we have another leading lady, Annalise Keating, a powerful attorney and law professor. Annalise uses her real cases to teach her students, and therefore utilizes their insight on the cases to help her in court. We learn about her favorite savvy students in the first few episodes, and are introduced to two murders that will change the lives of the characters; one in the present day, another three months in the future. Although season 1 is only 3 episodes in, I can tell this is a show I will continue to watch; the drama and suspense is awesome! If you missed the first few episodes, look no further, here is the link to the show's official webpage. Watch it, you won't regret it

With that being said, I sure hope this long-winded post has convinced you to watch these shows. Get your popcorn ready, Thursday night is only a few hours away.


Preppy by the Sea


  1. Great post! Can't wait for TGIT :)

  2. i love Scandal, a friend recommended it and I raced through it! Hopefully HTGAWM will come over here soon too.