October 14, 2014

Justifying Jackets

Top Left ($148 at J. Crew) Top Middle ($379 at Barbour) Top Right ($228 at J. Crew Factory) 
Bottom Left ($229 at Patagonia) Bottom Middle ($138 at C. Wonder) Bottom Right ($229 at Patagonia) 

Tis the season of chilly weather and with that comes jackets galore! Here in New England, the winters are extremely chilly and I feel like you really can never have too many jackets. Honestly, if there is one thing that I am going to splurge on it is going to be a nice coat. I wear one every single day so justifying a hefty Patagonia price tag is not too hard especially because they last for so, so long! Earlier this fall I purchased the J. Crew Factory version of the J. Crew Downtown Field Jacket in an olive green color, this jacket is perfect for chilly fall mornings or a cute layered look. In the heart of the winter I swear by my Patagonia puffer jacket which is so warm. If it is absolutely freezing day out skiing (I'm talking negatives here) I could pair it under my ski jacket for added warmth! The final Jacket that I have shown above is the C. Wonder quilted barn jacket in navy that I scored last year on sale for under $50! The C. Wonder coat is a more fashionable alternative to the Patagonia puffer jacket, as it has the cute pattern when the sleeves are cuffed and corduroy elbow patches. 

Although I have plenty of jackets, I obviously have found some other cute ones that are on my lust list! I love the Patagonia retro X fleece jacket and think it would be perfect for the fall. The neutral sand color would look great with everything! Next is the J. Crew Factory city coat, this is not necessarily the most practical jacket for a teenager, however it would be perfect for someone to wear to work in the city. The kelly green color would add the perfect pop to any winter look! Finally comes my dream coat... the classic Barbour jacket! This jacket is complete and udder perfection (except for the $400 price tag)! I will definitely have to invest in this one at some point, or maybe put it on my Christmas list! What jackets have you been lusting over recently?


Preppy by the Sea 

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  1. Loving all your jacket finds. I live in my puffer jacket from J.Crew and anything Patagonia.