June 09, 2014

Camp Crazy: Random Reminders

Today is part two of the Camp Crazy collaboration and we are talking about some random essentials! Every year when I get to camp, I always realize there is something that I never would have thought to bring or something small that I totally spaced when packing. Even after years of going, someone in your cabin will have something that you want to add to your packing list the next year. Here are a few of my "Random Reminders" to you! 

Crazy Creek
These little chairs are so popular at our camp, they are perfect for sitting around on the floor of the cabin or all camp cook outs! available here

Baseball Hat
Sunny day? Rainy day?  Haven't taken a shower in a day or two? Baseball hats are perfect for practically any camp day! 

Small Backpack-
 Use for hikes or day trips 

Lots of Stamps
I always bring way more stamps than I could ever need and end up lending them to my friends! If your camp has a store you can always pick up extra there

Dress-up Clothes-
We have all kinds of crazy lunches or themed days at camp, 80's day, Olympic Day, Book Character, Tacky Tourist, etc. 
I also recommend bringing a shirt and a pair of shorts in the same color because sometimes each cabin/ age/ top bunk/ bottom bunk etc. is assigned a color for games like capture the flag! (ex. red shorts and red shirt/ blue shirt blue and shorts is the most common)

You don't actually realize how much you use them until you forget them (ex friendship bracelets, cutting tee shirts etc.) 

Laundry Bag-
Try to keep all your dirty laundry organized 

Shower Caddy
As I mentioned in the Beauty Essentials post, keeping all the things you need in the shower in one caddy makes life so much easier when walking to the bathrooms 


Use a notebook to write down some of the activities you do each day to remember later!

Deck of Cards-
Camp is the only place where I actually play cards, but on a rainy day a game of BS or spoons is a great cabin activity! 

Water bottle-
This one is kind of obvious, however I recommend bringing two or three and put some stickers or something on it so you know its yours. I guarantee at least 50 other girls have the same blue CamelBak as you

Bring a real camera not one of the disposable ones from CVS, not only are they batter quality but you can also put them on your computer when you get home and share them with your friends! 

Check out Maggie's post for more random reminders for camp packing! 


Preppy by the Sea 

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