June 09, 2015

5 Quick Study Tips

For many of you, this may be a little bit later but our finals start next week. I always like reading other people's tips and tricks for studying for exams, so I thought that I would share a few of mine (see last year's finals & midyears posts). Although it may seem is extremely daunting to start to prepare for exams, if you break it up and do it effectively, it can be way less stressful. The way my school does exams is foreign language is during the last real week of school and then math and history are on day one and English and science are on day two of testing. Each exam is an hour and half and then you can go home. 

Remove Distractions
Removing all non-essential technology is probably the number one thing that I can stress during study sessions. We are all guilty of "quickly" checking our phones and then having it turn into a conversation about our entire life or somehow ending up on your cousin's friend's sister's Instagram. Just put them away and everything will go much smoother. 

Make Flashcards
I think that this one mostly pertains to foreign language, but if you know that your English or history exam will be vocab heavy then these are great too. Personally, I prefer actual flashcards over Quizlet, but whatever you like the best is what you should use. 

Group Study Guide
In past years, sometimes my friends have split up chapters to create a huge study guide together. This makes the task less daunting and it will be finished sooner, so you will have more time to actually review the terms. 

Reread Notes 
Starting a few nights before your exam, go through any notes that you took throughout the year and reread them. By just simply doing this, you will refresh your memory and be able to get a sense of what you know, and what you need to pay more attention to. 

Finally, it is so important to actually sleep during exam week. Odds are that you will not be retaining much information past 11, so just go to bed. Sometimes it is better to get more sleep then try and know every single term from the year. 

Good luck on exams! 


Preppy by the Sea 

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