January 17, 2014

Nailpolish Must-Haves

Nailpolish Must-Haves

Hi guys and happy long weekend!

I decided to do a polyvore of nail polish colors that will take you through the seasons with a chic and classy manicure! Enjoy and leave comments below!

Winter- December-March
Two words, DARK RED! I love deep red nails in the winter; they are dramatic and glamorous and compliment any chunky sweater you decide to wear!  Consider something slightly muted and not too bright.  It is winter and a color too bright may make the color in you hands seem pale. I love the Butter London color pictured!
When in doubt, go neutral.  Every (good) nail polish brand has a nice neutral color that gives your nails a clean and polished look.  Browns in your nails look good with browns in your boots (I personally love the Essie color "Glamour Purse", I wear it all the time!)
Metallic of the month: Silver- Good for the holiday season as it reminds me of tinsel and silver bells.  A classy look that isn't too flashy. 

Spring- March(end)-May
Pretty, pink, and pastels! I love raspberry colored nails for all seasons, but I think that they work best in the spring.  Go check out the Essie color "Watermelon", if you don't already have it, I suggest you go buy it this instant; its my favorite nail polish color hands down!  Also, spring is often associated with pastels. Pastel blues, greens, and pink are designated springtime colors so take advantage of the few short months you have to wear them!
Metallic of the month: Pink/Silver Glitter- Essie makes an adorable rose gold pink that I love and also some glitter and sparkle confetti nail polish is dainty and perfect for spring. 
Note: I love the Chanel trio pictured; solid colors and necessities for winter and spring

Summer- June-August
Pink, pink, and well PINK! Go for something bright and not too dark, it will compliment your tan (and Lilly dresses) ;) and looks girly and cute.  You need a good selection so I suggest having 3 go-to pink colors. 
I personally think that summer is a month to do your own nails because it wears off so fast, but if you do go for a mani/pedi why not go for something bright!  Go crazy with a vibrant green, bright turquoise, neon coral (but not too neon!) because it will wear off in 3 days or less anyway.  Also, one of my favorite summer colors is "Aruba Blue" by Essie (dark blue pictured)
Metallic of the month: Blue- This is Essie color (lighter blue) is probably my favorite metallic of the year.  It screams summer and I think its just an awesome color!

Fall- September-November
It's the one season of the year you can wear crimson red and emerald green so go crazy.  Definitely go for darker nails in the fall as it is transition time into winter.  Consider colors that a comparable to the leaves (the colors of fall)  Also, fall is another month where neutral colors are a must along with dark grays (Loving that OPI color!)
Metallic of the month: Gold galore- Get a good gold nail polish that can become your go-to fall color.  It's classic and compliments your riding boots and gold stacking bracelets.

Bonus Tips
If you want to get good at painting your own nails, paint with your opposite hand first (I'm right-handed and I paint my right hand first) It's less messy and your opposite hand is steadier when there isn't wet polish on it.

If your nails chip, either touch up with the same color or take it off.  There is nothing worse than an old messy manicure, it looks sloppy!

Always put on base coat.  It's not something that many people do when doing your own nails, but the regular polish sticks so much better to base coat.  This is a good way to avoid nail polish that peels off your nails in one piece after a day.

Favorite Base Coat: OPI Natural Nail Base Coat
Favorite Top Coat: Essie Clear Coat (very quick drying)

Remember, nails add so much to your appearance.  Having a clean and classy manicure shows that you care and makes you look so much more sophisticated.  It's the little things that make your look better than the next girl's!

Oh and do me a favor, NEVER under any circumstances, paint your nails yellow :)

Did you make it through this very long post...I hope so!

Preppy by the Sea

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