December 01, 2017

Book Review: You Are a Badass

Over the past couple of year I have really gotten back into reading. As much as I love getting in bed and watching Netflix, there is something so much more relaxing about putting away your technology and cracking open a book. Unfortunately, I have been a little bit lazy on the book front since getting to college, however over Thanksgiving break I decided to start You Are a Basass by Jen Sincero. One of my friends had recommended this book to me over fall break, so I picked up a copy before break. Having to fly home from college can be somewhat of a pain, but it provides ample time to read.

Naturally, the flashy yellow cover and bold title makes this book catch your attention before reading a single chapter. You Are a Badass was the first "self-help" book I have ever read so I have nothing to compare it to, despite this I found it funny, motivating, and well written. In addition to being an author, Jen Sincero works as a success coach and speaker, so she has a great deal of experience with strategizing ways to identify goals and pursue them in successful ways to develop a life you love. She covers everything from combatting negativity, to identifying the roots of beliefs, both good and bad, to making money, and everything in-between. The book is a quick read that will leave you wanting to set goals and make changes to the way you live your life. I would highly recommend this book for any new college student, or frankly anyone going though a transitional period in life, along with anyone who feels they are just stuck in some sort of rut, unable to identify the root of their problems. I think everyone could take something away from You Are a Badass, so if you are looking for an easy Christmas gift this would be great! Although it is not in a genre I would typically go for,  I really enjoyed Sincero's book and think it was a great book to read on the road. Have you read You Are a Badass?


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