November 27, 2017


Today I turn nineteen and frankly, I do not really know how I feel about it. Eighteen was a big year; I got into college, I graduated from high school, I voted for the first time, and I went to college, it was probably the biggest milestone year of my life. Nineteen feels somewhat irrelevant, as it does not come with the freedom of becoming a "real" adult, and it it not an exciting year like entering your twenties or turning twenty one. That being said, I am excited to see what nineteen has to offer. I hope that over the course of the next year I start to find my home at Elon, I hope to make more friends, declare my major, and get more involved on campus. I look forward to taking advantage of my time at home, spending time with my family, high school friends, and going on lots of new adventures. It may be an in-between year, but I hive high hopes for nineteen. 


Preppy by the Sea 

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