November 13, 2017

Life Update

Happy Monday! After quite the hiatus I am back again. My adjustment to college has definitely been a lot more difficult than I anticipated and that has effected my blog content. As the semester is starting to come to an end, I am now realizing how much I miss blogging and what a great creative outlet it is for me. Since I have not been posting on here for a while, I thought a quick life update would be a good way to get back into a blogging routine. 

+ Halloween // halloween was such a fun weekend here at school. I knew halloween was big at college, but I guess I never realized the extent to which it is celebrated. I dressed up as a devil for one night and then went as a mermaid for the second night. Thank god for Amazon as I was able to order this sparkly red dress and these mermaid pants at the last minute. I was definitely skeptical of the one size fits all, however they ended up working out great! 

+ Exploring Elon // before fall break I solely ate on campus, everything was new and I did not want to get into a habit of eating out all the time and spending a ton of money. However, like most colleges the food at Elon is nothing to get excited about and gets old quickly. Over the past few weeks, my roommate and I have gone out to dinner on the weekends to mix up our dining routine which has been a nice change of pace. Although there are not a ton of restaurants in downtown Elon, there are a few good spots! 

+ Scheduling for Second Semester // I pick my classes tomorrow for second semester and am definitely stressed about the whole process. I am nervous that I won't get any of the classes I want as my pick time is pretty late in the game, so fingers crossed it works out and I get at least a few of the classes I am interested in. 

+ Trip to Notre Dame // On Friday afternoon I am flying to Chicago to visit one of my best friends at Notre Dame and I seriously cannot contain my excitement. Like I said, getting adjusted to college has been difficult for me, especially because I am so close with my friends from high school. I have never been to the midwest, so I am excited to see Chicago and spend time at a totally different school! 

+ Thanksgiving Break // After classes on Friday I am officially on Thanksgiving break! Elon has a ten day break which is such a treat and I can't wait to spend time with my family and friends back home in Boston. 


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