June 17, 2016

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday!! I honestly can't believe that after today I have one more exam and then I am done with my junior year. Although this week has been filled with lots of exams, end of the year research presentations, and meetings, it has surprisingly been pretty manageable. Because of my exam schedule I actually have a three day weekend. In some ways this is nice and will give me more study time, however I would honestly much rather just finish up my classes and start my summer ASAP. This weekend I am going to my friend's birthday dinner and then will probably do something fun and low key with my dad on father's day! Do you have any fun plans for the weekend? 

One: Golf Banquet 
Monday night we had our end of the season golf banquet. It was so nice to get to have one last event with this team, especially with the seniors before they leave for college. The venue along with the extensive ice cream bar made the night so much fun! Julianna is going to be one of the captains for next year and I seriously could not be more excited or happy for her!! You can see my outfit details here and purchase Julianna's dress here

Two: Car Shopping
Last week I was rear ended on the way to school and unfortunately we just heard back from the insurance company that my car is totaled. I was really holding out hope that they could just fix it, but the damage ended up being far worse than initially expected. Now I am on the hunt for a new car and and going to look at some this weekend with my dad. Fingers crossed I find something similar to what I had before. 

Three: Running
This week marked the start of cross country summer training, which is kind of crazy seeing that we aren't even out of school yet! I have slowly eased myself back into somewhat of a running routine and am excited to build up my distance and pace throughout the summer. I'm still adjusting to working out in the heat as my workout routine had previously consisted of solely indoor spinning classes. The Lululemon tracker shorts are my absolute favorite for running and I highly recommend purchasing a pair if you are looking for something breathable and flattering. 


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