June 30, 2016

Fourth of July Favorites

Forth of July is by far and away one of my favorite days of the year. I love the sea of red, white, and blue, the immense patriotism, fireworks, and of course all of the BBQ's. I have grown up in a town that take the 4th pretty seriously which I believe is why I love the holiday so much. Our picturesque Main Street is lined with beautiful white colonial homes, each of which displays perfectly hung flags. Throughout the morning, the floats make their way down town following the annual road race and tossing candy into the crowds. Later, friends and family gather at cookouts, or by the ocean to celebrate the holiday. The festivities and the way the town comes together are 100% my favorite thing about where I live.  

Now onto the next best part, the outfit! Navy and white is my all time favorite color combination, so needless to say I never struggle too much with getting my outfit together for the day- though sometimes I need to hunt down the perfect pop of red. I am not quite sure as to what my outfit will entail this years, but look forward to an outfit post on the 4th of July! In the mean time, shop my current favorite red, white, and blue pieces! Do you love America's birthday as much as I do?!


Preppy by the Sea

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