August 20, 2015


I am now sitting in my room back in Massachusetts reminiscing on my time in Italy. Eight days of our trip was spent in Positano and it was truly the most amazing place I have ever seen. The the beautifully blue Mediterranean sea, the villas on the hill, and the colorful flowers were all so picturesque. I had to bring my camera with me everywhere we went and thus needed up with a TON of pictures! This post has the potential to get lengthy (apologies) but I am going to share everything from my hotel, to restaurants and outings to take during the day! 

We stayed in a bed and breakfast called La Fenice, it was family run and everyone was so friendly and helpful. Every morning one of the sons would call and make reservations for you and help to plan activities such as going to Capri. The first picture is the view from our room which had a beautiful deck with a table and lounge chairs. The room had two bedrooms and a bathroom. One of my favorite things was the fact that it had a pool and a private beach. Not many hotels in Positano have a pool as it is difficult to build into the slope of the hill, and the private beach was a complete game changer because the public beach is relatively crowded. There was complementary breakfast every morning (along with amazing cappuccinos) and the option to get lunch at the pool. I could not speak any more highly about La Fenice and would 100% recommend it if you are planning a trip to Positano! 

This is a picture of the public beach which was definitely packed, but how cute are all of the umbrellas? I have never seen anything like this in New England! 

Pretty much roof deck goals.

I snapped this picture on the boat on the way to Capri. The geography of Positano is incredible as it is completely set up in the mountains but all leads down to the amazing blue water and beautiful beaches. 

The Positano harbor was filled with incredible yachts. I have never seen so many and so many HUGE (over 180m) boats all sitting in one place. My dad and I kayaked out to them one day to get a closer look which was so cool! 

The Amlafi Coast is know for lemons and there were lemon trees all over Positano. 

One afternoon, we took a boat over to a restaurant called da Adolfo for Lunch. This was actually the hotel right next to it, but the food there was incredible! Gwenyth Paltrow was there the week before! They also had a private beach that you could rent lounge chairs at and enjoy the beach for the day. There were tons of huge rocks that you could jump off of as well, which was fun! This is a must see spot if you find yourself in Positano! 

Another restaurant that we went to was called Rada. It sits up on a cliff and looks put over the ocean. We went here for dinner and made it just in time to watch the sun set. The presentations were breathtaking and of course the food was also incredible. This was a bit more upscale and one of the fancier places that we ate at. I had am amazing lemon risotto and they brought out an bread platter with all different homemade breads. 

Other restaurant recommendations: 
Chez Black- right in town, amazing pasta
Le Tre Sorelle- also in town, really good pizza 
La Tagliata- 20 min cab ride up into the mountain, amazing views, fixed menu is great because you get to try everything (antipasti, salad, pastas, meats, desserts) 
Next2- This was probably one of my favorite restaurants that we ate at, upscale, great views, great fish, pasta, and desserts! 

This was a picture that I snapped on my iPhone one morning at breakfast. They had the cutest handmade coffee cups, lots of yummy baked goods, and homemade jam. On top of that there was a main dish every morning! 

Have you ever been to Positano? If you are planning a trip there feel free to email me with any questions!

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