November 29, 2014

Sunset Après Snow

After Thanksgiving came the first real snow in New England. I woke up to snowflakes falling outside and frost on my window- a rude awakening that makes me think I'm not quite ready for winter. Although it remained bitter cold throughout the day, it cleared up around 3 just in time for a beautiful sunset; a throwback to summer and August days where I could always count on a pink and purple sunset before it got dark. Even if I may not be ready for shoveling snow and below-freezing temperatures, my wardrobe will be. Turtlenecks have definitely made a comeback this year and I personally love the bulky-sweater type (check out J. Crew Factory | Gap | Old Navy for other cute turtlenecks.) I kept my outfit super simple as I did not accessorize at all, yet still stylish with trendy items like the turtleneck

I'm loving black jeans this season; casual and convertible.

I got new Hunters for my birthday and am totally excited!

How gorgeous is this sunset? This picture may or may not be out of focus {I can't tell :)} but the scenery was worth showing.

Sweater: Madewell | Pants: Madewell | Hunter

Has it snowed yet wherever you guys are?


Preppy by the Sea

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