March 30, 2014

Show Us Where You Work!

Hi guys, so I know that a few other blogs along with us are participating in the "Show Us Your Work Space" post.  Such a cute idea and we're super excited to be participating!

Without further ado…here is my study where all of my work gets done!

My ultimate favorite place to study, get homework done, or just relax is in one of my beanbag chairs!  They're so comfortable and cozy and perfect for my work space!

What would I do without my pencil case and pens…I'd be a total mess.  I use colorful pens for everything.  To me, it makes homework a tad more enjoyable.  I purchased my pencil case from Barnes and Noble this fall, it was part of the Jonathan Adler collection for Barnes and Noble.  I absolutely love it, it's the perfect size!

Fun Fact: I'm slightly addicted to stationary.  Theres so much of it in my desk, room, it's pretty much everywhere.  I think it adds to your personal style; every girl should have some quality stationary!
And of course, I could not live without by Mac.  I've had it for about a year and a half now, and I'm not  sure how I handled my schoolwork before without it! 

What are your must haves when you're doing homework? Diet Coke, candles, chocolate (or sweets of any kind?)  Let us know by leaving a comment, it will give us some ideas for our workspaces too!


Preppy by the Sea


  1. It helps me to chew gum while doing homework

  2. Love that branch out pillow, too cute. Thanks for linking up with us!

  3. I love checking out others stationery. Great post!


  4. I love your bean bag chairs - they look so comfy to sit and work on!

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