June 11, 2014

Camp Crazy: Clothing

When it comes to packing for camp, you could say that clothes are one of the most important things to bring, so here is the final section of the Camp Crazy collaboration! I go to camp next saturday (June 21st) in New Hampshire where the weather can change drastically, so when it comes to packing my trunk looks prepared for January weather and for 100 degrees! 
In the mornings/ at night/ when it is rainy, it can get pretty very chilly (especially the sprint from the lake back to the cabins)! For cooler weather I bring a spirit jersey/ long sleeve shirts, lots and lots of sweatshirts, leggings and sweat pants. On top of all this, for rainy days pack a rain coat, rain boots and if you have them bring L.L. Bean duck shoes. Duck shoes are so much easier to quickly slip on than rain boots and they will keep your feet dry. 

Despite those yucky rainy days, the weather is typically beautiful and I will wear summer clothes. Pretty much everyday I will wear nike shorts, a tee shirt or a pinnie (if it is really hot) with sneakers or flip flops. When it comes to flip flops, I always bring my rainbows and then a cheap pair from old navy to wear to the showers and at the lake. When packing, remember you can never pack too many pairs of socks! Finally, bathing suits. I try to bring bathing suits that can mix and match easily, to try and not over pack too much! This year I will be part of a ceremony where you have to wear green bottoms and a white top, so I will be bringing a pair of green chino shorts and white shirt. On the last night of camp, we have a banquet where everyone gets dressed up and takes lots of pictures.  I am pretty sure that I will bring a Lilly shift dress for this! 

When packing everything into your trunk, try to roll all of your clothes, it will save you a lot of space!

Just a little proof of the complete chaos of packing,  plus last year I started at 10:00 the night before oops... 

Words of wisdom from the "pro" 
DO NOT start packing the night before when you are half asleep and MAKE A LIST! 
Last year I forgot to pack sneakers and we had to find a random Sports Authority in New Hampshire to pick them up on the way...oh and also I forgot a pillow, shout out to my cousin who left after me and brought me one! Needless to say last year I was a disaster with my packing and my family still makes fun of me. I promise I have never been this forgetful before :)

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