December 03, 2014

Gift Guide: Mom

Personally, I think that shopping for my mom is one of the easiest things to tackle on my Christmas shopping list. My mom and I have fairly similar style. Most of the time she goes shopping I go with her, so I know a lot of the things she is interested in. One tip I have is if you are out and about with your mom in the next few weeks, take note of the things she points out or tries on and loves (but does not buy)! You do not need to go out and purchase your mom a big gift, she will most likely be happy with anything you have for her on Christmas morning! A heartfelt card goes a long way and it honestly one of the best gifts! If you do want to purchase something for you mom this year, here are a few of my ideas- my mom reads the blog sometimes so I won't say what I am going to her her!

One: Makeup Bag and New Makeup 
Over the years, makeup bags get disgusting and need to be replaced. Often times, purchasing a new makeup bag is not on the top of a mom's to-do list, so this would make a great (and much needed) gift! Of course if you are going to get the new bag fill it with some make-up. Take a quick peek at her things before purchasing to know what her favorite brand is, I know my mom likes Bobbi Brown! 

Two: Picture Frame
My mom and aunt swear by the sterling silver engraved frames from Pottery Barn and send one to my grandparents with a picture of all the cousins in it every year. Find a cute picture of you and your mom, put it in a nice frame with the date or her monogram and write a nice card! This gift never fails to disappoint if you are really stumped in the gift department! 

Three: Mittens
As the weather gets colder it is important to keep your hands warm (and in style). Chances are your mom will be out a lot this holiday season whether its watching sports games in the cold, picking out the Christmas tree or doing some last minute shopping. You can never have too many pairs of gloves to throw in your car or purse and this C. Wonder pair is to die for! 

Four: Wallet
Similar to the makeup bag, a new wallet is something everyone needs after a few years of use. Kate Spade makes great wallets, and you can often find them on sale for $79 during their Surprise Sales which happen somewhat frequently! I got my mom a pink Kate Spade wallet for her birthday and she loves how fun and colorful it is every time she pulls it out of her purse. 

Five: Patagonia Better Sweater
If you live somewhere that gets pretty chilly and do not have a better sweater you need to change that. Everyone in my family lives in these things throughout the winter, they make a great layer for skiing, practical to wear around town and super comfortable! They come in a quarter-zip style and full zip and lots of different colors. My mom has a full zip and the vest version of this and I know she would love to have one in the quarter-zip style! 

Six: Phone Case
Many people get new phones around the holidays and what better way to add to the fun than giving a new case! iPhone cases are relatively inexpensive and can make a cute statement. Whether the phone is old or new, a new case makes a great gift for moms.

Seven: Mugs
Have none of my ideas sounded perfect for your mom? Have no fear Anthropologie is here! Oh my gosh, if you were having any problems with finding the perfect gift, head on over to the home section on the Anthropologie website and you will be in gift-giver's heaven. I may have a slight obsession with their mugs and pottery (and my mom does to). Who doesn't love to sip their coffee out of a beautiful, hand-crafted, European looking mug every morning? I am especially in love with the one pictured above. The blue and white detailing is so classic and beautiful and when you finish drinking your drink the bottom of the mug says "love". How freaking adorable is that!? I also love the limited edition gold and white monogram mug!

I hope this what somewhat helpful in finding the perfect gift for you mom this holiday season! Leave a comment below with any other gift ideas for moms! 


Preppy by the Sea 

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