December 29, 2013

Preppy Trends 2013

I decided to make a Polyvore of my favorite preppy trends of 2013!  Choosing what to put on the list was difficult as there were so many good fashion statements this year, but I carefully chose what I think were the best ones. Enjoy!

Preppy Trends 2013
1.  Quilted vests- They have been huge this year! Plain colors such as sand, navy and black along with patterns such as stripe and herringbone were major sellers at J. Crew.  They add character to your outfit and personalize your style!

2. Boots- Riding boots in both dark and light leather have been so popular and add class and sophistication to your outfit.  They go with almost anything and brands such as Frye are so stylish!  And, of course, Bean Boots are both cute and practical as they are good for dreary winter weather.

3. Dark nail polish- My favorite Essie colors this year consisted of deep reds, dark blues, and metallic such as gold and pewter.  Especially good for winter, these versatile colors were popular.  Will they be next year too?

4. J. Crew Chino Shorts- These shorts are adorable and timeless.  I own a few (okay A LOT!) of pairs as they are good for the golf course, shopping downtown, or just relaxing on a summer day.

5. Boot Socks- These decorative socks have been so trendy this year! Worn with bean boots, short boots, or even tall riding boots these socks add pattern and style.

6. Lacoste Polos- Classic summer tops in a variety of colors that show your preppy sophistication and will never go out of style.

7. Flannels- Not only are they comfortable, but a major trend of 2013.  Cute, slouchy, and plaid, flannels from LL Bean and occasionally J. Crew have been top sellers and are perfect for a lazy day at school.

8. Pearls- These pearls (pictured from J. Crew and Kate Spade) are not only statement pieces but give your look a cool vintage-like feel.  I'm seeing them more and more in stores and around town and girls wearing them more.

9. Decorative Sweater- Jeweled sweaters are definitely a trend of 2013 as this was the first year I've seen them in stores and I love them.  Also new and popular this year are sweaters with pictures (like the J. Crew skier sweater pictured.)

10. Jack Rogers- Although they have been around forever, I saw more Jack Rogers this summer than ever before. In a variety of colors and styles these are my go to summer shoes.

11. Lululemon Leggings- I wish I could wear my leggings everyday!  These pants are comfortable and easy to match with an oversized sweater, socks and bean boots.

12. Sperrys- The more natural styles have been especially popular this year, but these classic shoes are a must-have piece for your wardrobe.

13. Bright Lilly Patterns- I loved Lilly's new summer patterns this year! They're always so bright, pretty, and preppy and make for cutest summer dresses around!

14. Coats- Wax coats similar to those from Barbour have been so popular this fall and winter! I have one myself (from Jack Wills) and it's definitely my go-to jacket.  Also, dark colored quilted jackets are so classy and were a spring and fall trend this year.

15. Colored Cords- I love corduroy pants because they go with everything and now come in a variety of colors! Stores like Madewell and J. Crew have made cords in green, burgundy, and pink; all colors that I love to wear!

So, after reading this very long post ;), do you agree or disagree with my thoughts on trends? Do you think these fashions will withstand the test of time? Overall, it was been a great year for preppy fashion and I can't wait for an even better 2014!

Preppy by the Sea


  1. I love all of these things! I think you were spot on with the 2013 trends. Great post!


  2. I completely agree! I can't wait to see which of these remain popular & what's new in 2014-- my current favorites are embellished sweaters & quilted vests, but I don't think the first of those will last past this season.