March 13, 2017

Weekend Recap

This past weekend my mom and I flew down to North Carolina for accepted students day at Elon. Because I found out that I was accepted in November and move in day is not until the end of August, college seemed so far in the future. However, this weekend things started to feel real. I sat in the basketball stadium with hundreds of other students that I will be going to school with for the next four years. They could be in my dorm, we could be in classes together, we could join the same clubs, and even if we share no commonalities, we will be a part of Elon University Class of 2021.

Before attending this weekend, I really had no idea what to expect. I am the oldest child and I applied early decision, so this would be my first and only accepted students weekend. On Friday morning, we started the day with a tour of campus. I had been on two tours before and this was pretty similar, however they completed the new communications building this fall so I was able to see that for the first time! After the tour we attended a seminar based on our intended major. It was nice to hear from various professors within the business department and see what other students had similar interests.  After the panel, we split off from the parents into small groups to talk with current students and faculty. Saturday morning started off with a breakfast where we were able to walk around and get to know some of the other students. The second day was heavily focused on residential life, so we began by attended a seminar about the various "neighborhoods" on campus. After learning about the focuses of each dorm (ex. global engagement, living-learning, honors, service) we set out on a tour in which we went into all of the different freshman dorms. This was honestly the most beneficial part of the weekend as I got to see the inside and compare hall style, jack and jill, suite style, and newly renovated dorms.

If you have the opportunity to attend an accepted students weekend for any college you are either going to, or considering I highly recommend it. I was always confident that Elon was my favorite school, and after this weekend I can really see myself there and am excited to start a new chapter there in August!


Preppy by the Sea 


  1. Please do a dorm tour when you movie in.

  2. I'm so happy you had a great time! I'm a senior at Elon and like you, applied early decision. I absolutely love the school. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out at anytime! :)

    Kendal // Life With Kendal

  3. Congratulations Catherine! Elon is such a pretty school- welcome to North Carolina!