February 13, 2017


Throughout high school I have heard all about students suffering from senioritis and could never really understand what that entailed... until now. I like to consider myself a pretty productive person, I always do my homework, and I genuinely care about school. However, now that second semester has begun I have completely lost my mojo.  Finding motivation to do anything school related is incredibly difficult. I have known where I am going to college since the end of November, so I don't have anything college related still hanging over my head. My grades are still where I want them to be, I just am struggling to put in the extra work to get them there.

Recently, it has really started to sink in that I only have about 3 and a half months of school left. Because of this I have found myself being far more spontaneous and trying to do absolutely everything that comes up, resulting in me avoiding school work. I've gone to concerts, the Model UN trip, gone on long walks with friends and their dogs, participated in senior skip day, skipped again for the Patriots parade, hung out with friends to watch the Grammys and the Super Bowl, and enjoyed a couple of snow days. Maybe my priorities are a little bit backwards right now, but I think that it is important to take advantage of opportunities to be with friends in the last few months of school.

Unfortunately, I think that this whole senioritis thing has carried over to my blogging habits which is honestly just so frustrating. Because my school work is starting to lighten up, I have way more time to write blog posts, but I just cannot come up with any content ideas that seem to excite me. I plan on shooting more outfit posts once all these snow storms wind down, and share some recipe posts, but please comment anything that you are interested in seeing as I really want to get out of this funk and want to post what you want to see!

Senioritis is no new phenomena. I think most seniors have experienced some level of this mentality, especially second semester and it is just something we have to except and try to get through. My advice is to have some fun, don't completely abandon the books, and power through it. After all, there are only a few short months until graduation!


Preppy by the Sea 


  1. I'd love to see more posts about Senior year.

  2. I totally feel you with senioritis! Thankfully, there's only a few more months!